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DURKOPP ADLER 827-160122-M E71/6

Reference -DA827160122

Needle feed sewing machine
Thread cutter and pneumatic foot lift
Integrated motor
max stitch lenght 7 mm
26mm bobbin

Recommended retail price 6,235.00€ Excluding VAT
DURKOPP ADLER 827-160122-M E71/6
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Technically, these machines are different due to the PTFE-coated throat plates, hook covers and attachment slides enabling a trouble-free material feed during the sewing process, even when working with difficult-to-feed materials like fine leather.

Furthermore, the needle bars and foot bars are coated with diamondlike carbon (DLC) allowing a nearly oil-free sewing.
In order to guarantee a constant hook thread tension from the full to the empty bobbin the innovative CTB bobbins are used as standard.

On the upper side these extremely light and high-strength bobbins are equipped with an inspection window for the optical control of the bobbin thread capacity.

On the underside a cylindrical braking and lifting spring dramatically reduces the overspinning of the bobbin and facilitates the bobbin change for the operator.

The especially adapted sewing kinematics with reduced needle bar stroke guarantees a perfect stitch formation in fine materials.

Apart from the thread trimming system also an electropneumatic sewing foot lift, automatic backtacking and the innovative drive concept belong to the basic equipment of all subclasses.

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